Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Aren't You Watching?

The last few years, I have been watching more television than ever.  And, although I hate to admit this, I watch horrible television.  I tune into every new Bachelor season, love Top Chef and am trying to get over watching America's Next Top Model every Wednesday.  I feel like whenever I am flipping channels, I can never find anything good to watch.  I wind up watching Iron Chef on the Food Network or Anthony Bourdain on Bravo instead of trying to invest in an actual drama or comedy series (although my new favorite is How I Met Your Mother).  But everyone is always talking about these great shows that they love:  Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad, even the Office.  While I have just recently started watching The Office in reruns on TBS, it still hasn't become one of those shows that I immediately flip to.  In the past, I have become a big fan of several shows after they end.  I love Sex & the City now but never had HBO when it was airing new episodes.  I now have seen every episode of That 70's show since it's in syndication and find the simple humor really entertaining.  What shows do you watch that you think everyone should be watching?  Any shows that you fell in love with after they officially ended?