Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yankee Swap Fail

During my office holiday luncheon yesterday, we played Yankee Swap, aka Dirty Santa, which is just a holiday grab bag where steals are allowed. This is what I pulled:

Yes, that's right.  It's a head massager.  I have spent the last day trying to figure out which one of my co-workers bought this, wrapped it and then brought it to the office thinking that this was the best gift that $10 could buy. I can't use this thing--my long hair alternates between pure frizz and Chia Pet puff. There's no way I can stick this contraption in my hair and not expect a huge knotted mess after ten seconds.

At least I didn't get the five pairs of pink plastic earrings from the tween accessory store Claire's though--that went to my male colleague and no one would trade with him.  I should have followed my instincts and picked my own gift, which was a gift card to a kickass coffee shop. Fa la la la laaaaa....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I always manage to be in New York on the night of Santacon.  I don't know how this happens but every year on a Saturday afternoon right before Christmas as I wait on the platform for the train at whichever station I happen to be at, there are inevitably crowds of people, mostly in their early twenties, dressed as Santa or Santa's slutty lady friend, usually drunk and falling over or singing Christmas carols loudly and off-key.  I am so lucky.

This weekend wasn't as bad as it's been in the past, mainly because my friend and I stayed far away from the West Village (last December, Washington Square Park was seriously trashed in a majorly sad and wet toilet papered kind of way), but we were still able to see our share of Santacon celebrants.  There were droopy Grinches, Cindy Lou Whos, Buddy the Elfs, reindeer, and even one streetwalker-ish Mrs. Claus (there were probably more but we were distracted by the Santas walking in front of taxis and buses--seriously).

I don't think there's ever been a time when I felt so carefree that I would go walk around a city completely obliterated wearing clothes resembling lingerie and screaming at strangers in the street.  I guess I'm just not that kind of gal, but looking at this poor girl who was next to me on the ride home, I think I'm okay with that. xo

Friday, December 14, 2012


I know I'm not the only one who finds it near impossible to digest today's horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. This is not far from where we live, not far from where I went to school, and way too close to where Anthony works. It's not the proximity that is haunting me, but rather the pure senselessness of this devastating act. Six adults and twenty children were killed in a really heinous way for no reason and the country is filled with infinite sadness.

There have been more than ten mass shootings in America this year. That is a scary number. Each story makes me more sick; violence is not the answer, especially when you are talking about innocent victims.  The people who were killed this morning, especially the children, were innocent and unsuspecting.  They were cheated of a long life, and their families were cheated too.  Simply, it's unbelievable to think that a fellow human would ruthlessly kill five-year olds.

Enough. I'm no philosopher, nor am I a great thinker by any means, but these killings have to stop.  We all need to love more and respect more and do everything we can so that this never happens again. My thoughts are with everyone in Newtown, especially all of the families affected. And even though people may say I'm too optimistic and possibly too much of a pacifist, I truly pray for peace. xo

Image courtesy of thefancy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Better to Give Than Receive

Confession: I don't really like to shop (I know, I can hear all of the gasps from here).  However, I love giving gifts so shopping becomes my main activity during Christmastime. In the past week, I feel like I've been to every store in a fifty mile radius, usually emerging empty-handed. I don't buy things just to buy things, and sometimes, it's just not easy to find that perfect gift.

I have been exercising major self-control when it comes to my purchases lately.  Buying some of my most-coveted items for some of my favorite people has resulted in me wanting to keep everything for myself.  Not very charitable of me, I guess. I can only hope that I have friends who like to share because there is no way I am gifting this awesome cookbook without the hope of borrowing it and making lots of the teeny, tiny food featured inside. xo

Image via FB via weheartit

Monday, December 10, 2012

Apartment Living

Without a mantle, or a staircase, or even a window ledge in the living room, we decided to hang our stockings on the bookshelves using giant binder clips. Honestly, I love that we put them there right between my poetry books and the travel guides.  One of my favorite parts about living in a small apartment is that at almost any time, you can look up and see all of the things you love together in one place.  xo

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Afternoon Tunes

I cannot stop singing this Muse song today.  Did I mention that my office is almost completely silent and I keep singing over and over again, in a soft voice, "M-m-m-madness, M-m-m-madness...?"  Not so good if I'm trying to keep up the illusion that I'm sane. xo

Monday, December 3, 2012


We booked our honeymoon this weekend: four nights in Toronto, five nights in Montreal. Neither of us have ever been and we're both so looking forward to it.  I have lists of things I want to do in both places, and our hotels in both cities look gorgeous. Now, we're not only excited for the wedding but for the long well-deserved vacation that will follow.  How romantic, albeit chilly, Canada will be in April! xo

Photo courtesy of Official Montreal Tourism site

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Note to self: the next time I decide to be cute and make a festive Sunday breakfast complete with Christmas tree-shaped eggs, remember to grease the cookie cutter.

How do those cooking blogs make it look so easy? At least the eggs tasted good; I guess it's the thought that counts. xo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snowman Invasion

This is the stairwell in our building.

The head of the condo association decided that the holiday decoration theme this year would be "snowmen." Every day, a new snowman in some incarnation appears. First, it was the snowman gift bag hanging from the handle on the laundry room door. Then, it was the plush snowman balanced on top of the fire extinguisher box. Now, they are lining the ledge along the stairs.

It's kind of like they are slowly closing in on us, but I don't feel threatened enough yet to actually buy some snowmen accessories and join in. Ask me again in a few days. xo