Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Door-to-Door Seltzer Service

This is such a great story, currently online at New York magazine, about Mr. Backerman, a lone seltzer deliveryman in New York City.  I don't like sugary soda but I like carbonated drinks so seltzer is perfect for me.  I buy one-liter bottles at the grocery store in different flavors (cranberry-lime is my favorite!) and drink each one in less than an hour. 

I'm glad that seltzer is the focus here but I really love that the blurb is a question-and-answer with a third-generation seltzer delivery man.  When I was young, the family that used to watch me while my parents worked always had seltzer delivered in heavy green glass bottles.  They would leave them by the back door in wooden crates and a man would come right into their hall and replace the bottles with full ones.  There aren't many services like that any longer, and people are less willing to trust strangers.  And as Mr. Backerman states in this article, his customers are dying off.  Maybe home delivery of items, like milk and seltzer, will come back in style (a la farmer's markets) and the next generation will be able to experience this increasingly uncommon treat of supporting the 'little guys' as well as receiving fresh products right at home.

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