Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TLC's The Unpoppables

Has anyone seen commercials for TLC's new show called The Unpoppables?  Even though I love reality television, I hate shows that are gimmicky (i.e. the Pit Boss show with pit bulls and little people, or the Little Chocolatiers starring little people who are gourmet chocolate makers) but when I saw this preview, it really piqued my interest.  The creations are so neat--they don't even look like ballooons. 

Here is a couch made out of purple balloons that you can actually sit on:

I may have to tune in to see if the show is worth watching.  These balloon artists seem really creative and fun though so maybe this will turn out to be the perfect thing to watch when there's nothing else on television. 

Here's a preview in case you haven't seen it yet:

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Bryon said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this show because I thing it’s fantastic for anyone that has a little bit of kid still left in them. I have always been fond of balloons and I might even start learning to twist balloons. I found out about the series when I was looking around at the hundreds of shows on dishonline.com http://bit.ly/dJzWgo. There are clips showing some of the instructions they gave on the show how to make things like a ring. I logged into my DISH employee account to record the show but there weren’t any upcoming episodes so I hope it hasn’t been canceled. I’ll keep checking back.