Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fairway Fieldtrip

I know that buying groceries isn't supposed to be glamorous, but you might think differently after a visit to a store like Fairway.

After lunch with friends last week, Anthony and I stopped into the nearby Fairway grocery store. It's new-ish, which mainly means it's new to us. The aisles are filled with gourmet selections in every category (there were like twenty-five types of rice, all with gorgeous packaging), making this market seem almost like a department store. Yes, I'll say it: this is the Bergdorf Goodman of food shopping.

I wanted one of everything. Those sacks of specialty flour? The wall of bins fills with freshly-made bagels and bialys and flagels (a flat bagel concoction)? The gigantic section of mushrooms, and only mushrooms? These people who opened this store thought of everything.

So even though I can't afford to shop at Fairway regularly, it's kind of fun to visit every once in a while. We bought just a few things but what we did purchase was more than worth it. The vanilla-almond coffee is fantastic, especially since it was freshly ground, and I would whole-heartedly recommend the fresh baguettes.  Also, I'd like to one day move into the store's cheese section, if that gives you any idea of how lovely it is. There were seven varieties of Havarti. I think that says everything you need to know. xo

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