Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuning In

At least twice a week, I find myself sitting in my car in front of my home or in my parking garage at work listening to the end of a story on NPR. And at least five times a week, I find myself tearing up at the reporting, whether it be about war or love or death or just a prime example of human kindness.

Yesterday's Ari Shapiro piece on Sarajevo was beautiful. It was short and plainly reported (I'd maybe call it unassuming), but that added to the impact of the subject's words. We were given a small glance into Ella Pinto's life, who, among other things, is a survivor of the Holocaust.  Last month, she traveled from Israel with her son and daughter-in-law to visit the place where she grew up, a bruised Sarajevo, and the words she spoke to Ari's translator at the end of the report struck a chord with me.

"We need to let them know what we lived through so they will understand why peace is important."

Pinto's life is full of moments that should be shared.  Such a perfect example of why public radio is so important.

P.S. I love when Ari Shapiro is reporting from faraway lands, but love it just as much when he's co-hosting All Things Considered.

Photo courtesy of Ari Shapiro's Instagram feed
Quote from NPR

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