Monday, March 8, 2010

Giant Sock Monkeys Party Too...

I've never been a fan of sock monkeys, those stuffed monkeys made out of socks.  They kind of creep me out--maybe it's the long, thin limbs that remind of me of spider monkeys.  Anyway, there is this commercial for KIA cars (I had seen the commercial probably 5 times before I realized what it was advertising) with giant stuffed animals having a night out on the town.  The giant sock monkey drives the KIA, rides a mechanical bull and even get a tattoo stitched on with a needle and yarn.  I love this commercial so much that it got me thinking: maybe there should be a series of commercials on these characters.  I know I'd be more than willing to watch these giant toys skydive or make cupcakes in a technicolored kitchen!

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