Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Highlights

The weekend went by quickly, as all long weekends tend to do.  It was uneventful for the most part, and we didn't even attend a barbecue (I actually kind of missed that but am anxious for a day when we can have our own barbecues).  Some highlights:

  • I received several emails from Anthropologie about their 'Huge Holiday Sales' so on our way to Greenwich on Saturday to see Anthony's mom, we stopped.  Not only didn't I get anything, but we banged into a table that had about 100 mugs stacked high and managed to knock a few off so that they crashed and broke into a million pieces.  Major props go out to the salespeople--we felt so badly and offered to pay for the merchandise about ten times (four broken mugs=$32), but they were calm and collected and wouldn't take our money. I'm not sure I can ever go back to that store though. 
  • Anthony's mom took us to a new place that opened in Portchester called BarTaco for lunch.  It was right on the water and even though we all got a bit more sun than we expected, the food and company were really great.  They serve mini tacos and tamales in fresh corn tortillas, and I almost felt like I was in San Diego, which is a wonderful compliment.
  • Speaking of San Diego, all I've been thinking about is going on vacation.  Just a day or two near the ocean would be ideal.  Anthony and I aren't able to get time off together until August but maybe I can find a last-minute deal and we can actually take a trip this summer.    
  •  Last year at this time, I was planning a surprise trip to Baltimore for Anthony's birthday, but this year, I still don't have any concrete ideas.  I'd love to take him on a day trip to celebrate, but I can't decide on a location.  Any ideas?
  • There were a few moments this weekend that were perfect.  On Saturday night, we spent time with my college roommate and had a great time, talking until we were the only ones in the coffeeshop, and then moving outside to talk by our cars for another two hours.  Some of the best times we've ever had have been when we are doing nothing of importance, and I forget sometimes how much I miss that.  
  • I also sat out on our balcony for the first time and was able to almost finish a story I've been working on while balancing my laptop on my knees.
How was your holiday weekend? Did you enjoy the sun and humidity, or did you feel like you were melting like I did?

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