Sunday, September 4, 2011

Painting Project Planning

Last night, I went to a store I almost never visit, Home Depot.  I always feel out of place among the power tools and giant spools of carpet.  We can only dress up our small rented condo so much, which means we have little use of much of what the store sells.

But, in preparation for the shelves I'm going to buy, paint and hang above our desk in the living room, we picked out a couple of Martha Stewart paint colors and this awesome Martha paint texturing kit.  Do we want the shelves to look they are covered in linen wallpaper? What about wood grain?  These decorative tools look so cool--I can't wait to try them out, although I'm not disillusioned.  I know it isn't going to be easy, and the results will probably be uneven at best without practice, but it'll be a fun weekend project for fall.

Has anyone ever used texturing tools? And who else loves Martha's paint line as much as I do (so many colors to choose from!)?

Image via Martha Stewart/Home Depot

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