Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Things Learned from a 2-Hour Sewing Class

I love this workspace. If only I could be so organized and color-coded...

Two years ago, Anthony bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I've been dying to learn how to use it.  Instead of just jumping in and reading the manual like I would normally do, I signed up for a class at the local JoAnn Fabrics to learn the basics.  In addition to learning to thread the machine, I also learned these three important things during my two-hour class.

  1. Darts in dresses and shirts are back in style.
  2. Fleece is apparently made of recycled plastic, which is why is dries so quickly and also why you can't iron it.
  3. Even though the supply list for the class included a yard of interfacing fabric, we never actually learned what to do with it. I did, however, learn how to hold a seam-ripper the correct way, which will come in handy when I make all of those mistakes.

Does anyone have a favorite sewing website?  I promise to share my first project with you once it's done, which at this rate will probably be mid-February.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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