Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hearts (and Cars) Afire

Valentine's Day was kind of a bust this year. I don't consider it to be a real 'holiday' so Anthony and I normally just celebrate by giving each other cards and some type of candy from CVS. And not one of those red hearts filled with candy either. I'm talking about a big giant bag of M&Ms.  There isn't a rose in sight at our home.

On Friday morning, my car had a meltdown while I was driving to work. I barely made it to my parking garage, but at night, I decided to fill up with coolant, say a prayer and hightail it to the mechanic, after a brief stop at my grandfather's house.  After several stops on the side of the road, I finally made it there. I've never been so close to having my car catch on fire. Valentine's Day truly filled my heart and my car's engine with flames of love.

By the time Anthony and I met up, it was nearly 9:00pm and we were both starving.  We had a very romantic dinner at the diner, complete with one milkshake and two straws, Lady and the Tramp-style.

After getting my car back on Saturday morning (belts fixed=cool engine, no overheating and no more deafening squealing while driving), Anthony and I went and had a grown-up lunch at Mecha Noodle Bar. We each ordered different phos, which were both great, but the hot chili oil dumplings were so delicious that I seriously could have eaten three thousand of them.

Lesson of the weekend: sometimes rice noodles and car repairs are pure romance. xo

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