Monday, February 10, 2014

Reason #874 That I Love My Husband

Sure, we got stuck in the ice, but how gorgeous is this snowy beach at high tide?

When things go wrong, my husband is never one to point fingers. Instead, he calmly (sometimes too calmly in my opinion) tries to figure out how to alleviate the problem. It only makes me love him more.

On Saturday, he voluntarily came with me to the Paper Source, and I then bought him a cupcake at Crumbs. It was freezing out and I thought it'd be fun to get some hot cocoa to go along with the cupcake for when we got home. The last time we were at Shake Shack, there were signs for their new Dark Chocolate Cocoa (supposedly made with Mast Chocolate!) so that's where Anthony stopped on our way to the highway.

It took FOREVER, not to mention that our order was actually put in wrong.  Our receipt said one 'hot dog' instead of one 'hot chocolate.' Umm, there's a big difference there: one is a tasty drink and the other is compressed processed animal parts.  After that was squared away and we were on the road, I had the brilliant idea of stopping by the beach. I thought the water would be beautiful in this blustery weather.

So yeah, we got stuck in the beach parking lot. The city hadn't really plowed the lot, yada yada, Anthony had to get out and rock the Jeep back and forth until he literally pushed it out of the ice ridges and we could drive away.  I felt horrible about getting us into this predicament and he just smiled and told me not to worry.  He didn't complain once.

Moral of the story: I am not full of great ideas, but I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful, incredibly patient man.

Reason #1390 That I Love My Husband: when I asked him how the monstrosity of a pimple on my chin looked, he told me it wasn't bad at all, even thought it looks like a giant crater. He has to love me a lot to lie about such a horrible blemish.

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