Monday, June 20, 2011

My Magazine Love Affair

Two months in and we're still organizing our new place.  There are just a few boxes left but were running out of room so I've decided that I really need to get rid of things that I've been keeping for inexplicable reasons.  Mixed in with books, old bank statements, receipts and postcards, I've found over 15 magazines that I need to read, re-read or go through to tear out 'important' articles. 

As of now, I receive five magazines in the mail. Most are monthly, but my favorite, New York, comes every week.  Lately, they've been piling up quickly and I haven't had much time to tackle the stack.  When I'm shopping, I find it hard not to throw Real Simple on the conveyor belt.  And I almost never leave Barnes and Noble without a few magazines.  I love fresh ideas and glossy pages.  It's such a great thing to support these publications but I ultimately end up with way more reading material than I can get to.

Someone I know who used to work at a bookstore once told me that when the new magazines come in, the store employees have to rip off the front covers and ditch the rest.  How painful does that sound?  If that was me, I'd have to restrain myself from shoving dozens of issues into my purse to take home.  I'm coming around to the idea of online magazines though and as the publishing world becomes smaller, I think that fewer and fewer magazines will be publishing hardcopies.  Does anyone else have a pile of magazines that needs to be read?  Am I the only one who rips out articles in almost every issue I read?

Photo of my reading material

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