Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Shall Have Our Colors and Eat Them Too

I haven't had much luck with rainbow cakes.  My Easter cake with the green and pink layers was cute, but the Mother's Day cake with layers in varying shades of pink was a disaster.  As I psych myself up to try this awesome dobos torte recipe (I've been looking for a seven-layer cake recipe for months and this one that Smitten Kitchen featured a few days ago looks perfect), I can't help but want to give the rainbow layer cake one more try.  I mean, who wouldn't want some of this at a dinner party:

Or this one at a birthday celebration:

And of course, I couldn't pass up a piece of Flag Cake on July 4th:

I just love festive desserts...have you ever made a rainbow layer cake?  If so, share your secrets!

Photo of pink gradient cake from Call Me Cupcake; photo of 28-layer cake from Darius Monsef; photo of flag cake from Glorious Treats (via Babble)

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