Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost-Midnight Snack

Tonight, we were supposed to go the movies, like a typical couple would do on a Saturday night.  Instead, I wasn't feeling well and kind of fell asleep for a half-hour, which then made it impossible to get to the theater in time for the show.  Anthony and I wound up going to the grocery store at 9:00pm and dancing through the empty aisles to the oldies station that was playing over the loudspeaker while we picked out peaches, yogurt and breakfast bars for the coming week. 

And when we got home, we realized we were starving.  Since my stomach problems started, I've been eating small amounts of not-so-filling food at weird times of the day.  I looked over at the loaf of Italian bread that I'd just bought, quickly sliced it up and made some delicious impromptu french toast and cinnamon eggs (these were kind of experimental but turned out to be pretty good). 

Hopefully, we'll get to the movie tomorrow night but I love the fact that we had a fun date-night on our own terms, complete with maple syrup.

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