Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Always in Style

I'm not a fashionista by any means but it's so weird when things that I always do are suddenly 'in style.'  For example, take a look at my nails:

This is basically what they've looked like since I was in middle school.  I either have no polish on at all or my nails are an odd shade of blue/green/gray.  I even remember this one time (circa 1995) when I had on an egg-yolky kind of orange/yellow and my father, who never notices stuff like nail polish, made me take it off because he thought it looked like I had 'horrible nicotine hands.'  At any rate, how surprised do you think I was when I saw this featured on Refinery 29? And the nail polish rack at Sephora is filled with pearly bright colors that look so funny next to the light pinks and blood reds.

Apparently, I'm stylish right now.  This has also happened with winter hats (my love of wool hats is a major reason I'm looking forward to cold weather) and black ballet flats (which are due to become unfashionable at any moment).

Once the styles change, I'll then look washed up and behind in the times once more, trying to be cool in fashions that are months old, but at least I'll be on the cutting edge when all of these trends return again three years.

What are some of your fashion loves and do you wear them even if you know they aren't stylish?

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