Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eternal Anthropologie Love

I'm not a huge shopper but there are a few stores that I just love.  At a visit to Anthropologie this weekend, I realized that I liked almost everything in the store, especially the kitchen section.  In fact, if someone offered to buy me one of every item that the company sells, I would gladly accept.  There was a latte bowl in a perfect shade of gray that I couldn't stop admiring, gorgeous drinking glasses with colored rims and a copy of the new cookbook Vintage Cakes.  There were headbands, adorable bookmark stickies, a floral comforter...I don't know how I made it out without buying anything (although it might have something to do with this wedding we're having in eight months...).

And the store was so beautifully decorated, too.  The merchandise was sectioned off and arranged in really interesting and creative displays.  Even the windows made it seem like you were entering a french cafe.

What store is your favorite? And can you limit your purchases if you have to? xo

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