Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Breakfast, Now With Crunch Berries

Today was the first Sunday in months that I didn't have to get up at dawn to meet someone or do something for someone.  I celebrated by making a huge pot of coffee and pouring a large bowl of Captain Crunch cereal. 

This was much better than the last time I had Captain Crunch.  A few months ago, I accidentally bought a box without crunch berries.  I cannot express how disappointed I was when I saw that I had an entire bowl full of yellow rectangles.  The berries really make all the difference.  xo

P.S. I've been craving rice krispie treats so I made a batch this afternoon and somehow messed them up.  They are hard and brittle, and I can't believe I ruined the easiest non-bake dessert recipe out there.  I rule.

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