Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn, aka Corn Mazes are Kind of Scary

I don't like being scared and I hate dressing up.  Obviously, Halloween is not my favorite day, but I do love fun activities so I was all for a trip with a friend to a giant corn maze last week.

Now I know why scary movies always seem to have people walking around lost in corn fields.  It took about an hour to maneuver through the maze and it was daytime, but I still got a slight panicked feeling when we hit another deadend or when the corn rustled for no reason.  We couldn't see over the stalks so I wound up feeling a bit trapped too.  Spooky.

Also, does anyone know what farmers do with these hay rolls? And how do they get them like that? Do they unroll them for the horses? So many questions about farm life from this city girl. xo

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