Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Faux Barbecue

The worst thing about living in an apartment without a balcony or backyard is that we have no place to put a grill.  You would think that this would only be a big deal on holidays and summer weekends when it's natural to just through some burgers or chicken on the grill outside and eat a delicious, fast and charcoal-y dinner.  But I grew up eating barbecue food year-round.  My mom and dad were the crazy neighbors out on the deck in winter coats in December grilling steaks.  If it was raining, we would stand outside next to the grill under a huge umbrella just to have ribs.  So you can see how I would miss a grill and sometimes be out of ideas for things to make for dinner.  

Anthony and I went to one picnic this holiday weekend, but I was still craving summer food.  Last night, I decided to improvise.  I made pulled barbecue chicken and this delicious potato salad that I saw in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine a couple of years ago.  The chicken was so easy to make (although it took a little time to shred) and the potato salad was so simple too.  I don't eat mayonnaise so I really love this recipe because it uses a small amount of olive oil instead and lots of lemon peel.  The citrus really makes the meal refreshing.  I was more than happy with my improvised barbecue--now, if only I can find a way to make shish kabobs inside!

Martha Stewart's version of Lemony Smashed Potatoes:

Last night's dinner: 

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