Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Gaga vs. Ace of Base?

I have a long history with Ace of Base, the Scandinavian band who had tons of catchy hits in the 1990's.   They were my favorite band when I was in fifth and sixth grade, and their album, The Sign, was one of the first CDs I ever owned.  When moving to my current apartment a few years ago, I even found tons of old letters that were sent to me from friends around that same time period that had sentences like, "So glad you are enjoying the Ace of Base CD."  I must have really talked it up in my correspondence, right?

And even though I have mixed feelings about Lady Gaga, I love her music.  Her songs always make me want to dance and the lyrics are interesting while still leaving a bit of mystery to the meaning.  Although her fashion choices are usually what make headlines, I think she is a fierce artist, willing to do anything to make it in the music industry.  

But...am I the only one who thinks that Lady Gaga's new song, Alejandro, has the same underlying beat as Ace of Base's song Don't Turn Around?  When I first heard Alejandro, I thought it sounded familiar but it wasn't until I heard it again on the radio and actually started singing Don't Turn Around that I noticed the major similarities.

Watch the remix of the two songs that someone put together on YouTube, decide for yourself and let me know!

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