Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Chef: Washington DC

I'm not afraid to admit that I like reality television, and one of my absolute favorite shows is Top Chef.  Last night, after months of waiting, the new season, set in Washington DC, premiered.  I read a few articles beforehand that really panned the show, saying it was boring after all of these seasons.  The critics didn't like that the 'cheftestants' were so experienced (some have been nominated for James Beard awards) and that many of them spend lots of time name-dropping famous chefs that they know.  These reports worried me--has my beloved show changed so much that I will no longer enjoy it? 

After watching the first episode, I was relieved.  I really enjoyed the show and nothing has really changed. The new chefs seem to be great (and most of them have huge egos, like promised) and the previews for the rest of the season really seem like they take advantage of our nation's capital.  The first QuickFire challenge even took place on the top floor balcony of the Newseum, one of my (and Anthony's) favorite places in Washington.  Of course, the first person to be eliminated last night was someone who made dessert, a definite no-no.  After all of these seasons, the chefs should know that, right?  The weeks to come promise appearances by Nancy Pelosi and the White House chefs. 

So, I'm happy that Top Chef is back for another season.  It would be great to have a woman win this season (only one of the six former winner has been female) and I can't wait to see more Washingtonian sights in the background.

What did you all think of the Top Chef 7?

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