Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gifts from a Far-Away Land

I love this article in the New York Times today about edible souvieniers.  I tend to agree with many of the people interviewed: certain things taste better when brought back personally from particular destinations.  Sure, you can probably order that buffalo sauce or those candy bars online and have them delivered right to your doorstep, but isn't it the journey to get it that makes it so special? 

I hate to admit this but so much of our travels revolve around food: where we'll eat, specialty stores, renown cafes, local cuisine.  When I was in San Francisco years ago with my mother, I packed two huge loaves of sour dough bread in my suitcase and enjoyed them slice by slice for a whole week after we returned.  Even when Anthony and I go to New York, we always take back a little something to enjoy later so we can hang on to the trip that much longer.  Last time, it was the cheese (more specific: a smelly, delicious type of goat cheese that I couldn't stop eating) and crackers from Murray's Cheese on Bleecker Street and red velvet cupcakes from Amy's Bread right next door. 

What are some of your favorite foods from far-away places?

Photo from Kitchener

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