Monday, November 29, 2010

Start of the Holiday Season

With the end of Thanksgiving brings the beginning of the holiday season, my favorite time of year.  And I spent a large part of my weekend making lists of holiday things I need to do, gifts I need to buy and decorations I would like to put up to make our apartment seem homey and festive and less like a small, bare-walled closet.  It was so nice to have time off this weekend to spend with family and friends though, and I feel like I accomplished a lot.

Some things that crossed my mind this weekend:

  • I need to read more actual books.
  • Why do I want so many cookbooks?
  • How hard would it be to open my own bookstore/stationary store? 
  • I send so many Christmas cards every year and get very few in return.  That should bother me but it doesn't really.
  • Do I have time to make 40 holiday cards before mid-December?
  • The holidays are supposed to be fun but almost always wind up stressing me out and bring out the worst in people.  There must be ways to avoid this.
  • When I think about my wedding day (in the far-away future), I imagine being in a tent on a chilly night with tons of sparkle lights and lanterns.  I hope that I can find a place to put this tent when the time comes.
  • It's amazing how much fun I can have with old friends, even when we aren't doing anything.
  • When I straighten my hair, I look like I'm fifteen years old.
  • I should wear more make-up.
  • For some reason, everyone likes Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" song. 
  • My 10-year high school reunion was this weekend and I didn't attend.  I don't feel like I missed anything at all.
  • Can I really write a book before I turn 30?
  • It was so unbelievable that my family loved the homemade apple pie I made for Thanksgiving. Compliments coming from a bunch of professional bakers are so surprising, in a good way.
I hope you all had very happy Thanksgivings with lots of turkey and pie!

The turkey cards that I made for Thanksgiving--now I just need an idea for Christmas cards.

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