Friday, April 20, 2012

Dark-Haired Girl In Search Of: One Comfy Armchair

I think everyone has one favorite spot in their home.  In our last apartment, I liked sitting in the corner right near our kitchen table.  It was only a few nights ago, when I had a project to work on, that I realized I don't have a really comfortable place to sit in our new apartment.  Usually, I'm either camped out on the couch (where I can't balance my laptop) or at the kitchen table on a hard wooden chair (which hurts my back after 25 minutes).  We don't even have a seat at our desk.  Then it dawned on me: we need an armchair.

Now, our space is limited but there is this little area right by our bookcases where I think we can squeeze in a nice, soft, comfy chair, one that would be perfect for reading, or writing, or typing, or possibly watching television.  A seat that makes the apartment feel like home, for real. 

What's your favorite place at home?

P.S. I love this chair (pictured above, courtesy of Pottery Barn)!

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