Sunday, June 17, 2012

Turning Thirty: Let the Festivities Begin

I'm turning thirty years old on July 6th so for the next five weeks, I'm embracing life and trying to do at least one new and/or enjoyable and/or spectacular thing per day. Click here for more Turning Thirty posts.

Thursday was Anthony's 30th birthday (he's a Flag Day baby!) and we celebrated in a low-key way.  I had tried to arrange a small surprise party at a hibachi restaurant but I wound up spilling the secret and he told me that he would rather have a night at home and perhaps dinner out on Friday night.  Since his request was so modest, I tried my hardest to make those two nights as perfect as possible. 

After we both got home from work on Thursday, I made a few favorite dishes for dinner and then unveiled the cake: a Gameboy-inspired confection with lego-shaped candles.  It came out pretty cute, considering I'm not a pastry chef.  We opened a few presents, watched a little television and talked about how excited we were for Friday night's dinner.

Anthony's birthday dinner was fondue at the Melting Pot.  Neither of us had ever been and we were really looking forward to it.  Our meal consisted of four courses over two hours, served by the perkiest, most adorable waitress.  Every booth is like a little private hideaway within the restaurant so our dinner was super intimate and cozy.  I loved that the cheese (a combo of swiss and gruyere) and chocolate (a s'mores combo with marshmallow and graham crackers mixed in) fondue was made right in front of us using the electric burner right in the middle of the table. 

For the main course, we got a tray full of meat and seafood that actually needed to be cooked in the boiling broth that was brought to our table.  It was surprisingly fun to spear the meat and wait for it to be done.  There were tons of sauces to try and dip into, and everything was delicious (it was the first time that I had lobster tail!). 

And for dessert, Anthony even got to make a wish before we chocolate-dipped the fruit, pound cake, brownie squares and rice krispie treat bits.  (By the way, there is a ton of steam from the fondue pots on the table so it was like Anthony and I were staring at each other through a cloud all night!)

Happy birthday to the best fiance in the entire world.  I know that our next decade together will be just as wonderful as the past ten years together have been. xo

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