Sunday, June 3, 2012

Turning Thirty: Wedding Details

I'm turning thirty years old on July 6th so for the next five weeks, I'm embracing life and trying to do at least one new and/or enjoyable and/or spectacular thing per day. Click here for more Turning Thirty posts.

For our wedding, Anthony and I are hoping to have lots of small personal details to really make the day feel like ours.  We took a ride (a looong ride) to New Milford to the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market to see if we could find some antique bottles for the centerpieces.  Once there, and surrounded by hundreds of old milk jugs and glass jars, I got a bit overwhelmed.  Did we want tall bottles or squat bottles?  Do they all need to look the same? After a couple of hours of walking around under the warm sun, we got back in the car and headed home empty-handed.   I thought I'd be upset that we didn't find anything but we still have time to figure it all out. It was just nice to spend a Sunday morning together.
In keeping with the wedding theme, here's a confession: I'm a sucker for wedding/proposal YouTube videos.  After a suggestion from Anthony, I watched and then fell in love with this sweet, unbelievably well-orchestrated proposal set to Bruno Mars.  Happy Sunday!

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Cynthia said...

Good luck on your search for centerpieces. My husband and I did the same for our wedding. We had our parents helps as well finding vases and interesting looking bottles/milk jars. We also loved the look of Ortega salsa jars and ended up eating a lot of salsa during our engagement. All the tables looked different but under each set of vases/jars was a circular mirror to reflect light from the votive candles placed around the flowers.