Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I cannot wait to stop by this newish bakery/cafe in Stamford.  Lorcas sells homemade pastries, specialty coffee and features made-to-order churros.


Every time I think of a churro, I think of the ones that you can buy by the case in the frozen section of Costco.  During 'International Day' when I was a freshman in high school, someone brought in this very authentic version of the treat and I have been in love ever since.  Fact: Homemade ones are so much better. A few years ago, Anthony and I had fresh churros at Barcelona for dessert, served with warm chocolate sauce, and I thought about them for months afterward.

So, I think we should all visit Lorcas.  I love quirky stores and cafes that focus on one great thing, and since I'm not much for intense sugary desserts, churros are just sweet enough for me with their basic cinnamon and sugar covering.  Nom.

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