Sunday, January 6, 2013

Movie Debriefs

Do you ever read a book or watch an episode of your favorite show and then immediately get an intense urge to debrief with someone? This happened to me several times in the last week: first with Midnight in Paris, then 2 Days in New York and Take This Waltz, and finally, the first half of Season One of Girls. So much to talk about, but no one to discuss with.

Girls was our Friday night entertainment; there's a ton of dirty-couch sex and whiny-girl indecision, but it was funny and thoughtful in a cable television kind of way.  Luckily, Anthony watched five episodes with me and actually liked them too. I love how some scenes were so awkward that I felt like I had to cover my eyes to shield myself from the humiliation on screen.  Is this a common reaction? Discuss. 

Also, I'd highly recommend Take this Waltz.  Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen are so wonderful and the movie is quiet, but poignant. I found myself cringing and laughing, sometimes at the same time. I kept thinking about it and wound up googling for a while, coming across several reviews and this awesome NPR interview with Sarah Polley, the writer and director of the movie, which is more than worth the listen.

What was the last movie you saw that you loved? xo

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