Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Just Married' a.k.a. Finally Back to My Regular Life

That's right, my dears. Anthony and I are finally married.

Here we are in the limo right after the ceremony. It was only two weeks ago but it feels like so much longer. The day was wonderful, filled with love just like we wanted.  There was also a broken necklace (beads all down my strapless bra apparatus), the DJ calling my brother the wrong name during the reception intros (umm, it's Dan, not Don), and two hours of walking barefoot in my gown while we took photos on the seawall. 

Now, wedding planning is over. I read some article last year (I'm using the word 'article' loosely here) about how a majority of brides are depressed after their weddings. What do they do now? What else can they plan? Personally, I did a little jig when it was all over. I can write and read again. We can travel on weekends if we'd like. I don't have to visit ninety-seven stores every weekend looking for the perfect sparkly accessory that I'll probably never wear again.

And my favorite part is that my best friend is now my husband. The end result made it all worth it. xo

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