Friday, April 12, 2013

Last 'Single' Night

Tomorrow, I'm getting married. Tonight is my last night as a single woman. Look at how happy we are after a successful rehearsal dinner.

After months of preparation, our wedding is mere hours away, and I honestly can't wait to be married. It's a weird feeling to know that I'll be legally bound to someone forever though.  I guess I'll have the rest of my life to get used to it.

The room tonight was so full of love. Most of my anxiety disappeared once I realized that everyone was so truly happy for us. Hopefully, the rest of the festivities will be just as joyous.

Also, in true Crystal-fashion, I messed up both of my thumb nails about ten minutes after I got my nails done. Hopefully, our photographer won't be very interested of close-up pictures of my thumbs. Not even a wedding can get in the way of my clumsiness.  xo

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