Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spotted: Lunch-Hour Edition

During my lunch-hour yesterday, I walked over to the place where we are having our rehearsal dinner to make sure everything looked okay--it's a nice room and I think it'll work well and there's a good view of a parking garage. On the way back to my office, I noticed this outside of New Haven City Hall:

Yes, folks, that's right. It's a Nuts 4 Nuts cart! My favorite $1 New York City treat is camped out three blocks from where I work. Perhaps I'll be walking down there more often for afternoon nom noms.

Also, since I was right near Chipotle, I stopped for lunch to-go. I've never had Chipotle before and, although I don't want to sound like an idiot, the menu is kind of confusing. After waiting in line for ten minutes behind the most obnoxious Yale Hockey players, I finally ordered a burrito. Good news is that I really liked it. The rice and corn were awesome. Bad news is that I still have the urge to cut my burrito in half like I'm eating a wrap. I'm obviously not eating enough burritos. xo

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