Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Be Truly Blessed

For the last few days, we've been snowed in here in Connecticut.  Anthony and I shoveled out our own cars then moved on to helping family members dig out. Now that the snow is melting, things are returning to normal.  Anthony is back to work, I'm cleaning the apartment and trying to write a bit, and we're planning to see a few movies before next weekend. 

As I clear out the many gift bags and presents from our living room, it's very clear to me how blessed I was this holiday season.  Everyone loved the gifts that I gave them, which was really thrilling for me--it's the best present to know that you bought someone the perfect gift.  I was able to spend time with so many different friends and family members, and even though the holiday season was rushed this year, it seemed like everyone was relaxed and just happy to celebrate with loved ones. 

Anthony outdid himself this year and completely spoiled me.  In addition to the cookbook, DVDs, purse (he went back to Anthropologie and bought the clutch I had been staring at!) and stickers (I love stickers just as much I did when I was five years old), he bought me a new laptop.  It's lotus pink and absolutely perfect.  It took Anthony a while to convince me to keep it but I still feel like I don't deserve and am in awe of how generous he is.  I can only hopes that he likes the gifts that I bought for him half as much.

And with only two days left in 2010, I'm already looking towards 2011, and planning to make it a fabulous year, full with optimism, happiness, new adventures and above all, lots of love. 

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