Sunday, March 27, 2011

Path Back to Healthiness?

It's been a week or so since I've posted but what a week it's been.  I went to Savannah with Anthony and his mother (a recap to follow soon!) and returned with a stomach flu/food poisoning that sidelined me for days.  I'm a person who never calls in sick to work, who will go to the office even if she is feeling absolutely horrible and knows that her co-workers will stay far away, fearing a contagious disease (this may explain why I have several months of vacation days banked just waiting to be used).  But even I couldn't fight through the vomiting and pounding headaches to make it to work--I stayed home sick two days and slept most of this weekend too.  My stomach is still not feeling well but compared to how I felt just a few days ago, I'm considering this a great improvement. 

So what occupied my mind while I was drifting in and out of consciousness, you may ask?  I was basically making a mental list of all the things I want to do, like finish a short story that I've been working on and finally trying the recipe for homemade gum drops that I found last month.  I need to start reading more fiction and finish my taxes too.  It's going to be a busy spring, I think. 

And with that, I'm back to posting regularly again.  Have a wonderful Monday--I'm glad to be back!

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