Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shamrock Shakes

Every March, the comment boards on foodie websites are filled with raves about McDonald's seasonal treat, the Shamrock Shake.  For some reason, I was more curious this year than ever before.  I'm not a milkshake person but I figured there had to be something to the hype.  Anthony surprised me with my very own Shamrock Shake so that we could both try it and stop feeling left out. 

The verdict:  they're okay.  On a scale from one to ten, I'd rate it a six. It's very sweet, very green and a little minty.  The texture was so odd that we both were unsure that it would melt like a real milkshake if left out for a little while.  With an inch left, we stopped drinking it and a few hours later, the consistency was still the same.  Obviously, the ingredients are not all natural!  I'm glad we tried it, even thought it was weird to drink a thick, moss green milkshake.  For $2, it was pretty festive, too.  I believe the shakes are on sale until St. Patrick's Day--if you try one, let me know what you think!

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