Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apartment Repairs

Anthony and I aren't very handy, which is why for now we are renting and not owning our home.  We try to fix any problems ourselves, and call for reinforcements only if needed (like a plumbing or heating issue, both frequent problems in our last apartment).  The light in our hallway leading to the bedroom went out last month and we just never replaced it.  The absence of a light was more of an inconvenience than an absolute necessity, but when the light in the kitchen went out yesterday, I decided that we needed to take care of them both ASAP.

After removing the glass covering, it turns out the light bulb in the hallway burst into a thousand pieces, leaving the base in the socket.  With the help of a baby red potato, Anthony was able to take out the old bulb and replace it with a new one so that I can finally stop stubbing my toe on the way to bed each night (the box says that the bulb emits 'natural light' but I'm not really sure what that means since the glare is so bright and blueish that I can barely look at it). 

Maybe we are better at this home-repair stuff than I thought...

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