Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation on the Horizon

It only took three months, but Anthony and I have finally decided what we are doing for vacation this summer.  In two weeks, we will be driving to Vermont for a four-night, five-day getaway and I could not be more excited.  We're splitting our time between White River Junction and Manchester, and I'm really hoping for some relaxing days with long walks, perhaps some bike-riding, maybe a visit to an alpaca farm and of course, the sampling of delicious cheese.

I'm not a person who normally buys 'vacation clothes' when going away, but after looking through my closet, it seems like I could really use a few new t-shirts and another pair of jeans.  And I really need a bathing suit.  What do you think about this one from J.Crew?  I love the retro feel and it comes with a really great halter strap.

I'd definitely go for a shade of blue or green; I don't think red is my color!

What are your plans for August? And do you have any Vermont recommendations for us?

Image courtesy of J.Crew

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