Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vermont Highlight #1: Breakfast at Lou's in Hanover, NH

This time last week, Anthony and I were in Hanover, New Hampshire, walking around Dartmouth and eating a delicious breakfast at Lou's Restaurant. Since I grew up only a few miles from Yale University (and actually work there now), it was nice to spend time in a different college town.  Hanover seemed extremely laid-back and there were tons of families on the green and walking downtown.  Lou's had a very long line but there wasn't a wait for seats at the counter so we were able to skip the queue and get a front row seat while the waitstaff prepared drinks and sandwiches right in front of us at an unbelievable speed.  

Anthony ordered a sampler of sorts, complete with fresh-squeezed orange juice, pancakes, a blueberry muffin, home fries and bacon.  I decided to go for something that I wouldn't normally order: the cruller french toast.  Basically, my meal consisted of three homemade crullers which were then made into french toast.  I've never had anything more delicious, even if it was the richest breakfast I've ever had.  It's such a simple, albeit unhealthy, idea for a twist on traditional french toast, and I'm still thinking about the warm, gooey inside and the sweet glaze on the outside of the doughnuts.  For a couple of hours, we actually felt like locals in Hanover, and Lou's gave us a good start to a great day.

Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

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