Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grown-Up Halloween

Monday was Halloween, not a favorite day of mine.  I don't like dressing up and I don't like being scared, which are the two major components of this holiday.  And we never get any kids for trick-or-treating so my brother and sister-in-law invited us over to their home last night to hand out candy.  I'm glad we went.  Nothing is better than watching a bunch of adorable toddlers trying to walk around in butterfly costumes and funny hats.  And there was no shortage of candy either, which is always a plus.

At work, it was business as usual, except for the mini cupcakes I brought in.  It never hurts to be festive when most of your co-workers are grumpy, right?

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween--any interesting costumes to share?

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