Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Netflix Movies: The Graduate

The Graduate came out 15 years before I was even born but it's one of those classic movies that is supposed to stand the test of time.  The epic scene at the end when Dustin Hoffman bangs on the glass window while his true love gets married to another man is still wholly recognizable over 40 years later.  It was one of those movies I knew I'd love, the same kind of feeling that I had right before I fell in love with Annie Hall

So why didn't I really like The Graduate?  My first thought is that it was too slow, but I typically like slow-moving films as long as their interesting.  I've narrowed my dislike down to two reasons.  One, Dustin Hoffman cannot pass for 22 years old in this role as Benjamin.  He was actually in his early thirties when they shot the movie and honestly, I think he could easily pass as at least 37 years old.  It took the believability factor down a few notches for me.  Two, I didn't see the chemistry between Elaine and Benjamin.  Why did he want her so badly?  After reflecting a bit, I think it's merely because he couldn't have her and that made him want her more. 

Anyway, the ending was completely ambiguous and that I loved that.  I'm so disappointed that I wasn't an instant fan of this classic though that I'm willing to watch it again.  Besides the awesome Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack, what do you like about The Graduate and why do you think it's still relevant? Personally, I think that Anne Bancroft's portrayal of the polarizing Mrs. Robinson has a lot to do with it.

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