Friday, November 4, 2011

Little Celebrations (and Hats with Ears)

I once told Anthony that when we have children, everything he or she wears is going to have ears attached.  Hats, hoodies, onesies...all clothing that can possibly have ears will have ears.  I just love babies when they look like little bears.  It sounds weird but I can't be the only weirdo because so many stores/companies make items with ears.

In any event, I was just asked by one of my close friends to help her decorate/organize her sister-in-law's baby shower next week.  It's sort of last-minute but involves all of the stuff I love the most: crafting, celebrations, cute cookies, and possibly balloons.

Here are a few of my ideas so far (by the way, she's having a boy!):

Balloon Banner via Design Mom

Heart Cookies via Bump Smitten 

Pom Pom Garland via Say Yes! to Hoboken

And as a special treat, this is the hoodie I bought for the guest of honor.  How cute is he going to be with these little ears?

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