Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Picnic Perfect

I was sad on our last night in Washington.  It had been a short trip and I felt like we had barely any time to enjoy the city or relax on the soft (so soft!) comfy king size bed in our hotel room.  We wanted to head home pretty early the next morning so after a long day at the National Archives and the National Building Museum (and some scalding hot cocoa outside the rink at the Sculpture Garden), we jumped on the metro and back to our hotel, picking up dinner on the way.

And that's how we spent our last night, spread out on top of the bedspread having a makeshift picnic consisting of wonton soup (don't even ask how we ate it without bowls) and lo mein, and a trio of empanadas with plantain chips.  Even with reruns of Friends in the background, it was one of the most romantic meals we've ever had. So casual, so low-key, so completely us.

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