Monday, February 6, 2012

(Super) Weekend

This weekend had a theme: food.  We had dinner out with friends on Friday and dinner out with family on Saturday night, along with visits to two supermarkets for Super Bowl snack ingredients.  We wound up watching the game at home yesterday and I made some really unhealthy food to replace a normal, balanced meal for dinner. 

Maybe it's all of those advertising and marketing classes that Anthony has taken over the last few years, but those Ro-Tel and Velveeta commercials definitely worked on him, the ideal consumer. 

This dip was super delicious, even though it does feel like a sin to eat that melted orange Velveeta.

I've never made guacamole before and to be honest, avocados really grossed me out until recently.  I tried this recipe which has fresh corn and chipotles and we really loved it, especially with those lime Tostito chips.

And even though I don't eat hot dogs, I made these wee ones for Anthony and he couldn't have been happier. 

Other highlights include getting a bunch of work done at a near-empty Starbucks yesterday (the espresso-chugging men talking about how they couldn't sleep because they were so excited for the Super Bowl was a fave moment) and making mini french toast for breakfast (the bag with the french baguette ripped and the loaf fell onto the floor on the way into our apartment, but we used the five-second rule, brushed it off and tried to forget it was momentarily on the ground).

Bonus: This morning, I ripped my pants when I got to work and spent the entire day trying to hide it so that my co-workers didn't see my chub.  Happy Monday!

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