Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinterest is My Friend

Usually when I'm planning something, I collect ideas from magazines and websites and put it all in a folder.  I like having everything handy at all times too, but that doesn't always work with a bulky file of glossy pages.  While in the early stages of planning a wedding, which is really just the ultimate party in my opinion, it's really hard for me not to get overwhelmed by all of the options the bridal industry is throwing out there.  People expect me to be losing my mind with worry about flower arrangements and shoe colors and limo rides, and I'm just really concerned about having a great time celebrating with my family and friends and my new husband. 

So I've decided to go about narrowing down my favorites in a new way: Pinterest.  I used to love scrolling through Pinterest looking for new dinner recipes or really lavish desserts.  A few months ago, I created a new board called "Wedding" and have been posting ideas and photos of things that I can definitely picture us having at our wedding, which means I'm selective.  Scratch that, I meant to say I'm very selective.  I don't want any pins of things that I only kind of like; this is THE inspiration file.   I love that all of the original sources are right there. And the best part is that I have the ability to access the board at any time on my phone so I can show people my ideal hairstyle instead of just describing it to them.

I never thought that I would ever enjoy having an electronic scrapbook of sorts (I'm still attached to my paper calendar), but sometimes I just scroll down and look at all of these tidbits I've put together over the last six months.  I can't believe how happy that makes me.  Even if I'm not sure about the DJ or the cake flavors, I am positive that we're going to have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful life together.

Check out some of my favorite pins:

All these pins plus more can be found here

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