Monday, July 30, 2012

Once Every Four Years

The Summer Olympics only happen every four years so why not take advantage and spend every possible second watching the best athletes in the world compete? At least that's what I told myself this weekend as I sat on the couch cheering on the Americans in swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer and of course, gymnastics.

I know that I'm not alone in my passion for gymnastics.  For a few years in my youth, I actually dreamt that one day I could possibly be a 'late-bloomer' gymnast without having taken any tumbling classes.  And I may or may not have VHS tapes of the entire team competition and all-around competition from the 1996 Atlanta games, when the US women won team gold and Kerri Strug became a household name.  Yeah, you can call me a fan.

As an adult, I now fully appreciate the hours and hours of practice all of these athletes put in to perfect their sport.  I even find myself identifying more with the cringing parents in the bleachers.  It's a deep-down secret of so many people to compete in the Olympics; that's why so many people watch religiously.  I'm just excited to follow along at home, living vicariously through these inspiring individuals, unable to tear myself away from the television for ten straight days and tearing up everytime I hear an athlete's backstory or the National Anthem.

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