Monday, March 11, 2013

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

Today was one of those rare weekdays when Anthony and I both were off from work. We actually planned this a while ago so that we could get some of those pesky wedding errands done. Both the bride and the groom need to be present to get a marriage license, and with the wedding about a month away, we haven't been able to get together while the fickle City Hall is open.  In fact, when I put up my away message on my work email, it told me that the last time I took off time was at the beginning of August 2012. That made me sad.

After returning several 'doubles' from our gift registry but before getting my wedding band sized, we stopped for a much-needed lunch at Katz's in Amity. I remember coming to this deli when I was younger but have really wanted to bring Anthony ever since our short visit to Katz's on the Lower East Side. He was totally up for it; I really didn't think he would say 'no' to cured meat anyway.

Our sandwiches were awesome. We got hot brisket on marble rye and pastrami on pumpernickel, and shared. I already have a bunch of items from the menu that I want to try on our next trip.

We accomplished everything on the list, unbelievably enough.  And our boring 'housekeeping' tasks wound up being kind of fun, except for the crazy daytime drivers on the road (no one uses turn signals anymore, and I realize that saying that makes me sound old). Now all I can think about is how much great our honeymoon is going to be: ten full days with one another. xo

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