Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pre-Spring Wings

Sometimes it's impossible to pass up an afternoon in New York when beer and wings are promised.

The Bowlmor in Times Square hosted a wings contest on Sunday and even though I avoid Times Square normally, Anthony and I met up with friends and enjoyed chicken and PBR in the crowded bowling alley. Even though the event was kind of a cluster (too many people, some mediocre wings), the music was banging and it was a great way to spend the end of the weekend.

It was cool pre-spring day and all I wanted to do was breathe in fresh air.  We had to stand outside in line for just a little bit and it was such a tease to be surrounded by some of the best theaters in the city. Rock of Ages was next to us with Matilda and Phantom across the street right next to the new Nora Ephron play, Lucky Guy, starring Tom Hanks. There's very little I wouldn't do for two tickets to see this production.

By the way, while we were passing through Grand Central, we stopped by the awesome exhibit celebrating the station's 100th birthday in the Vanderbilt Hall entrance way.  I just loved looking at the photos taken mid-construction, the train track blueprints and even the old subway signs. Did you know that the current midtown was once considered to be waaaay uptown? So much wonderful information about the history of one of the greatest New York City landmarks. xo

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