Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Favorite Things: May

I'm a little late with this month's favorite things.  The warmer weather has been inspiring me and even though some of my summer plans fell through recently, I'm going to push myself to find great things to do, see and accomplish in the coming months.


(Photo courtesy of Swami Stream via Flickr)

Ever since Easter, I have had fresh flowers in our apartment.  Every time I pass a flower vendor on the street, I want to buy a dozen bunches and spread them all around. 

(Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

This is the time of year when the windows can finally stay open permanently and the fresh air does wonders when finishing up spring cleaning. 

(Photo courtesy of

I love graduations.  There is this accomplished feeling that mingles with sadness, which is sometimes overwhelmed by happiness, at least for me.  At any rate, it symbolizes a new era and I'm all for that. 

(Photo courtesy of Cooking Light Magazine)

I have been craving angel food cake with the perfectly sweet and fluffy inside and the sugary, crusty outside.  Maybe I'll try making a homemade one for Mother's Day this weekend.

(Photo of the Pacific Coast Highway in California courtesy of cleverdam107 via Flickr)

Summer always gets me thinking about the future and all of the things I can and should be doing.  I think I will take the next few weeks to think about the endless possibilities that exist for all of us.

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