Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulip Fields for Miles

Five years ago, I was in Amsterdam for a brief 24 hours.  It was February and there had been a snowstorm--all of the public transportation was stalled and the streets were icy and slushy (not that the cyclists were deterred--the bicycles were slipping and sliding everywhere!).  I distinctly remember how beautiful the city was.  I promised myself that I would return during the spring someday when the tulips were in bloom so that I could walk around without wearing five layers of clothing.

I haven't made it back yet, but looking at these pictures taken in the northern Netherlands, I'm about ready to book my trip now.  These overhead photos of tulip fields are gorgeous.  On a day when millions of mothers are receiving bouquets of tulips, it's easier to appreciate how far some of those flowers traveled to grace our homes. 

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