Thursday, September 23, 2010

All-Star Top Chef Season!

Last night during the Top Chef Season 7 reunion special, Bravo announced that next season is an all-star season!  It's sad to admit how excited I am about this--I've spent years watching Top Chef and every season, I feel like there are just a couple of chefs that should get a second chance.  Here's their chance!  It's going to be so interesting to see if one contestant consistently comes out on top or if they switch around--they are all such strong players.  And I just want to throw my two-cents in and say that after the last three seasons of women making it to the finals only to leave right away, I would love to see a female win, perhaps Carla from Season 5 (Hootie-hoo!), Jennifer from last season or Tiffany from this recently-ended Washington DC-themed season.  I can't wait until December!

Picture of all of the contestants scheduled to appear on the Top Chef All-Stars season, courtesy of

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